2019 IIA Leadership Webinars

Due to policy changes for the IIA Leadership conference, we will not be able to attend the 2019 conference next month as a vendor.  As a way to make up for our absence, we will be hosting two FREE webinars (April 26th and May 3rd) to give chapter leaders insights from our experiences and hot topics for 2019.

April 26th (Noon CST)You Are a New Chapter Leader; Now What? – This will be an hour covering numerous topics and a deep-dive Q&A with Danny M. Goldberg, who has worked with over 135 different chapters in North America/Caribbean over the past twelve years, in addition to other volunteer chapter leaders.  Register by clicking HERE.

May 3rd (Noon CST) – 19 Hot Topics for 2019 – We will take attendees through hot and emerging topics for internal auditors, which includes topics to consider for your IIA chapter and different program formats.  Register by clicking HERE.


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