Webinar Series

2017 Webinar Series

• February 3rd – IT Auditing for Non-IT Auditors and Audit Report Writing, Dallas IIA http://www.dallasiia.org/news-and-updates/february-2017-meeting-2017-01-2148 • February 6th, April 3rd, June 5th, August 7th, October 9th, December 4th – Bi-Monthly Webinar (https://www.goldsrd.com/webinar-series/) • March 3rd – please delete • March 6th-7th – Senior Auditor School and Monthly Meeting Presentation https://chapters.theiia.org/houston/Events/Pages/default.aspx • March 15th – North Jersey IIA (IT Auditing for Non-IT Auditors) • March 20th-22nd – please change location from Las Vegas, NV to Orlando, FL • April 3rd-4th – Central Ohio IIA https://chapters.theiia.org/central-ohio/Events/Pages/default.aspx • April 6th - Tri-State IIA https://chapters.theiia.org/Tri-State/Events/Pages/default.aspx • April 10th - North Jersey IIA Webinar • April 18th – Private Training: People-Centric Skills (Salem, Oregon) • April 20th – Private Training: IT Auditing for Non-IT Auditors (Atlanta, GA) • April 26th & 28th – IIA FSAC E-Seminar: Fraud Auditing for Financial Auditors • May 1st-3rd – Private Training: Numerous Topics (Boston, MA) • May 5th – Dallas ACFE Annual Fraud Conference http://www.dallasacfe.org/DFW-Fraud-Conference • May 11th – National Blues Conference (Orlando, FL) • May 16th - Private Training: IT Auditing for Non-IT Auditors (Atlanta, GA) • May 22nd-23rd – Salem IIA (Salem, OR) – IT Auditing for Non-IT Auditors and IT Audit 201 • May 30-June 2: Private Training: Numerous Topics (Richmond, VA) • June 20th & 22nd: IIA FSAC E-Seminar: IT Audit 201 • July 3rd, 5th-7th: Private Training: North Carolina • July 17th: California Association of State Auditors (Sacramento, CA) Topic TBD • July 26th-28th: Private Training (Chicago, IL) • August 14th: California Association of State Auditors (Sacramento, CA) Topic TBD • September 1st, 5th-8th: Private Training (Orlando, FL) • September 21-22: Rosh Hashanah • October 2nd-3rd: Houston IIA (Audit 101) • October 11th: Boston Bankers Association (Boston, MA) IT Auditing for Non-IT Auditors

GoldSRD is excited to announce the 2017 Webinar Series calendar.  Each two-hour webinar will be on the first Monday of EVERY OTHER month (beginning in February), starting promptly at Noon CST (minimum of ten attendees to hold the class or it will be rescheduled/refunded). Each webinar can be purchased for $50.00 or an annual subscription can be purchased at a 20% discount at $240.00 (see pricing grid below).

Group discounts can drive individual pricing down to $20/hour and, based on group size, down to $13.50/hour!  All webinars are NASBA-Certified!


2017 Webinar Series Schedule
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February 6thAudit InterviewingThis course will focus on leading practices on the key process that helps auditors develop rapport and trust.
April 10thAssessing Corporate CultureDiscussion of the pros and cons of Assessing Corporate Culture and key facets to assess.
June 5thAudit2020: Evolving Internal AuditDiscussion of leading practices in internal audit and new thoughts/ways to consider improving our profession.
August 7thProject Management for Internal AuditorsDiscussion of leading practices in managing audits, a key skill for all audit professionals.
October 9thConflict Management/Negotiation SkillsDiscussion of leading practices to handle conflict and negotiate through difficult situations.
Dec 4thBusiness Etiquette for the Modern Auditora fun and interactive discussion of modern etiquette and the changing landscape on this topic.


Our webinars can be purchased for as little as $50.00 or our annual subscriptions can be purchased for as little as $240.00 as shown below.


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