People-Centric Skills Book & Training – February 2016

I really enjoyed and greatly appreciate your delivery of the message you were trying to convey. You really made the meeting very enjoyable and upbeat. I hope to attend or see you again in the future. I was just reaching out to you and letting you know what I thought of the book that I purchased from you at the meeting.

I really enjoyed the aspect of the book that you kept it in a narrative and story style. I think it made it a very quick read and also puts the skills and practices that are referenced in the book as well as your training into real world scenarios. I also really like how each chapter was broken out after the chapter with the skills sets, messages, or concepts listed instead of like a textbook format throughout the chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. I have recommended the book to my supervisors that I think this book and your trainings would be very beneficial to all of my co-workers.

I really appreciated you letting me feel so included in your discussion and presentation. Being a younger professional who thinks they have a very strong soft skills set I still feel like I learned and took away a lot from your book and training. I hope to continuously improve my people centric skill set and hope to someday be in a position where I can make an impact as broad as you have.

Senior Auditor

Decatur, IL IIA Class – February 2016

AttendeeSenior AuditorPrivateDecatur, IL
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