Robert Berry

Robert Berry is a well-known speaker on everything related to internal audit and People-Centric skills.  Known for his engaging and interactive presentation style and his natural story-telling ability, Robert has over 20 years of related internal audit experience.

Robert Berry believes people are the most important part of any organization. As such, he aims to improve people, processes and profits through highly rated keynote speeches, corporate training events and publications.

Robert has over 20 years experience in a variety of industries in roles where he built or led internal audit and Sarbanes Oxley functions. Additionally, he has worked for one of the largest public accounting firms in the world as a consultant.

Robert has also penned over 100 articles on business processes, internal auditing or anything that moves him. He is the author of the first book dedicated to workpapers, Creating Wonderful Workpapers: The Auditor’s Essential Guide to Delivering Good Documentation. Many regard him as an effective writer and orator. He has presented at numerous top tier conferences domestically and internationally.

Finally, he is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Information Systems Auditor and a Six Sigma Greenbelt.

Robert has designed and delivered training content in print, online and in person for over 10 years while also working in executive roles in the compliance, auditing and business consulting fields.

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