Shirley Blondy

Certified Speaker
  • Experience: 27 Years


From global brands to small businesses, Shirley Blondy possesses over 17 years of experience working with companies of all sizes. She is a certified speaker who has trained thousands of  employees and managers all over the world. She offers consulting and solutions across a broad spectrum of disciplines and expertise such as Leadership Training, Customer Service, Time Management Skills, Conflict Resolution, and more. Her training repertoire is highlighted by Positive Psychology and resilience to create happiness at work. She attended courses across the world to explore this concept of workplace happiness, which has encouraged her to combine Positive Psychology tools to every session. Shirley brings a unique energy and enthusiasm to every meeting, whether it is to increase business return and investment, customer service effectiveness, or bolstering an organization’s reach to new heights of productivity.                                  

Client, Organization, and Industry Experience  

Shirley has coached and consulted at all levels of organizations within a variety of top industries including financial services, automotive, insurance, health care, and consumer products. She is originally from Israel and boasts many international clients including Allstate, Swissport, CBRE, BDO, CheckPoint, PWC, HP and more.  

Leadership Experience  

Shirley has been successfully working with every level of management for more than a decade. Being that she’s coming from a Positive Psychology focus, she specializes in how to be a positive leader and to create a meaningful environment for their employees. Shirley helps leaders identify their strengths, as well their employees’, and how to motivate them and encourage using their strengths.

Education, Certifications, Memberships, Publications  

 Haifa University, Israel, MA, Organizational Consulting

 Bar Ilan university, Israel, Professional Certified Coach

 Happitude India, Happiness at work Professional Certified Leader

 Happitude India, Mindfulness Certified coach

 Woohoo inc. Denmark, Happiness at work workshop

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