Nicole K Gidley

National Speaker

Nicole Gidley is a national speaker with a background in Sales, Marketing, and Investment Banking. She is best known for her coursework covering leadership, communication, and sales practices. Her dynamic approach teaching frameworks, tools, and techniques through her outgoing personality connects well with all audiences.

Mrs. Gidley gained national recognition by launching a quarter-million-dollar online business in eighteen months. She currently leads a team of 60-70 business partners and routinely takes the stage to teach audiences as large as 20,000 the skillsets needed to: develop business strategies targeting short-term and long-term objectives, lead and motivate teams to advance engagement, develop high-performing groups, oversee operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results, and analyze problematic situations and provides solutions to ensure company growth.

GoldSRD clients will benefit from her strong communication, interpersonal, and leadership skillsets developed in her early twenties that have led her to success in multiple business arenas; which can be seen through her passion for helping others succeed and learning how to communicate effectively to build strong team environments as well as develop better client relationships.

Mrs. Gidley also has a financial services background from Goldman Sachs & Co in the Securities Division, where she spent the bulk of her time working closely with clients and facilitating trade resolution for multi-million-dollar transactions. Nicole graduated with honors from Texas A&M University in May 2019 with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication and Political Science and a minor in Business.

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