Danny M. Goldberg is an emerging keynote presenter, ranked in the top 10 speakers at every major conference he has spoken at since 2013.

We have identified five qualities keynote speakers must have in order to be successful and that Mr. Goldberg exhibits:

(1) High-Energy:

Keynotes usually kick off a conference or end a conference; in these time slots, you need a presenter that energizes the entire group and gets them excited about what’s to come or what has been heard.

(2) Entertaining:

Keynotes must be extremely entertaining and fun and excite and energize the room and all attendees.

(3) Engaging:

Keynotes have to engage the audience and converse with them, not to them. Get them involved in the conversation, make them emotionally connect to the message.

(4) Material that applies to EVERYONE in an Audience:

Keynotes have to be able to connect with everyone in the audience and must a message that is universal.

(5) Unique:

Finally, a very important trait that is usually not pointed out is the uniqueness of the presenter. Keynotes need to differentiate themselves from the pack; it might be as simple as a different way to think or that they dress differently or do not use a microphone or podium…whatever the trait, it needs to stick out and be remembered.