Internal Audit Skills Assessment

GoldSRD is proud to introduce our newly redesigned Internal Audit Skills Assessment (“IASA”). The IASA is designed to assess the current skill set and knowledge of the internal audit department and create a customized development plan for each individual and the department as a whole. As an added bonus, all fees related to the skills assessment can be applied to discounts on training courses over the twelve months following the final assessment (restrictions apply).

GoldSRD’s IASA is based on ten areas of concentration:

  • Ethics
  • Internal Audit Management
  • Internal Audit Standards & Guidance
  • Governance, Risk and Control
  • Business Acumen
  • People-Centric Skills: Communication
  • People-Centric Skills: Leadership & Relationship Building
  • Critical Thinking
  • Internal Audit Process: Planning, Delivery, Reporting and Follow-Up
  • Continuous Improvement & Innovation

The IASA can be customized based on your industry needs and long-term objectives. Please email for more details.

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