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June 2016 – Indiana CPA Society Business & Industry

2015 IIA Southern Regional Conference

Breakfast Sponsor – IIASRC 2015

Creativity & Innovation in Internal Audit – Concurrent Session

2015 Mid-Atlantic IIA District Conference, October 2015

IIA All-Star Book Signing, October 2015

2015 IIA All-Star Conference

2015 All Star Conference  An Event With Groundbreaking Discussions

Audit Training Week, Trinidad & Tobago IIA

2015 LA IIA Fall Conference Picture Gallery

2015 ISACA CACS Conference

2014 IIA All-Star Conference Picture Gallery
The 2014 IIA All-Star Conference, in which it is invite only to speak and Danny Goldberg was rated 10th overall at the conference.

September 1, 2015 Rochester IIA Meeting
With attendees from four sessions over the past year!


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