Soup to Nuts: The Fraud Risk Assessment Process

Course Field: Auditing
Delivery Method: Live/Internet-Based
Prerequisite: None
Level: Basic, Intermediate
Advance Prepration:No
  • Seminar Overview

    A One Day Detailed Course on Creating an Effective Fraud Risk Assessment Process
    The FRA is an important aspect to any anti-fraud program.  It is the foundation to build upon for fraud prevention in an organization.  This eight-hour course will take attendees through the basics of building a fraud risk assessment, how to build a library of risks, appropriately weighting risks and utilizing the FRA to build a successful anti-fraud program in any organization.

  • Course Objectives
    • Understanding the fraud assessment process and the role it can play in an organization
    • Identifying your fraud library through brainstorming and interviewing
    • Building an effective fraud risk assessment
    • Understanding effective fraud risk responses
  • Agenda

    I. Introduction and Background

    II. FRA Overview

    a. What is FRA

    b. Why is it important?

    c. What are the key components?

    III. How does the FRA Compare to the Other Prominent Risk Assessments?

    IV. Step by Step – Creating an FRA

    V. Fraud Red Flags

    VI. Risk Responses

    VII. Risk Monitoring

    VIII. Interview Best Practices

    IX. Summary and Wrap-Up

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