Optimized Audit Interviewing

Course Field: Auditing
Delivery Method: Live/Internet-Based
Prerequisite: None
Level: Basic, Intermediate
Advance Prepration:No
  • Seminar Overview

    Optimizing Interpersonal and Communication Skills


    Interviewing is a very important skill in the internal audit process.  To effectively communicate and ease the concerns of the auditee is as an important as an effective audit process.  This one-day course will take attendees through the entire interview process, learning best practices for each step and how to manage different personality

  • Who Should Attend
    Financial, Operational, and Information Technology Auditors who would like to maximize the effectiveness of audit interviews.
  • Objectives
    • Overview of best practices in audit interviewing, including personality types and interview preparation
    • Learn the step-by-step audit interview process and learn best practices for each step
    • Learn how to listen actively and read physical cues
  • Agenda

    I. Introductions

    II. Stories and Background

    III. Types of Information Obtained from Audit Interviews

    a. What an Audit Interview is Not

    b. Direct versus Indirect Information

    c. What are We Looking for

    IV. Planning/Preparing for an Audit Interview

    a. Objectives

    b. Questions and Information Requests

    c. Participants

    d. Meeting

    e. Location

    f. Time

    g. Handouts

    V. Conducting and Controlling Audit Interviews

    a. Types of Questions to Ask

    b. Physical Settings

    c. Small Talk and Knowing the Room

    d. Interview Tone

    VI. Managing Different Personality Types

    VII. Handling Challenging Auditees

    VIII. Active Listening

    IX. Physical Listening

    X. Analyzing Interview Results

    XI. Documenting Your Interview

    XII. Utilizing Interview Results

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