HIPAA Compliance - What, When & How

Course Field: Auditing
Delivery Method: Live/Internet-Based
Prerequisite: NA
Level: NA
Advance Prepration:NA
  • Seminar Overview

    HIPAA Compliance – What, When & How

    HIPAA compliance involves not only ensuring you provide the appropriate patient rights and controls on uses and disclosures of protected health information, but each organization must have the proper policies, procedures and technology in place. This starts with understanding the fundamentals of HIPAA compliance and how it impacts IT and how compliance is currently changing.

  • Workshop Objectives
    • Understand and differentiate between PHI and PII
    • Understand the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules in-depth
    • Discuss HIPAA compliance red flag
    • Discuss tips for HIPAA compliance audits
  • agenda

    I. HIPAA Overview

    • What is HIPAA?
    • Who is subject to HIPA

    II. Information Protection

    • Protected Health Information (PHI)
    • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    III. HIPAA Privacy Rule

    • Notice of Privacy Practices
    • Reasonable Safeguards
    • Using PHI for Marketing

    IV. HIPAA Security Rule

    • Administrative Safeguards
    • Physical Safeguards
    • Technical Safeguards
    • Handling PHI
    • Security Breach

    V. PHI Rights of Individuals

    VI. Enforcement of HIPAA

    VII.HIPAA Compliance Red Flags

    VIII.Tips for HIPAA Compliance Audits

    Auditors and professionals wanting a deeper understanding of HIPAA standards, complying with them and key audit risks and red flags. (NASBA Field of Study: Auditing).

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