Practical Ethics 6.0

Seminar Overview

In order to assist certified internal audit professionals in meeting the two hours of ethics annual requirement, we are offering one of our signature courses, Practical Ethics, quarterly.  Each webinar can be purchased for $50.00 per person and discounts are offered to organizations with five or more attendees.   Each date below is scheduled for Noon CST.

Our fifth iteration of Practical Ethics breaks some new ground with a discussion of behavioral ethics and what drives people to make the decisions that are significant in their lives. Our course discusses the types of bias that can negatively impact our ethical decision making, how skepticism is critical to auditing AND ethical decision making and a deep dive into the 2021 Global Business Ethics Survey, published by the Ethics and Compliance Initiative.


  • Understand how behavioral ethical decisions are made and what impacts decision making
  • Learn more about professional skepticism and how it plays into ethical decision making
  • Discuss the current trends in building an ethical culture from the 2021 Global Business Ethics


2023 Course Dates and Registration: