People-Centric Skills: Skills When the Stakes are High

Seminar Overview

Optimizing Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Have great technical auditors that could use some help with their communication skills? Auditors who can communicate effectively are exponentially more effective than auditors who cannot. This full day course will give auditors of all levels an outline of how to optimize their communication skills.

Who Should Attend
  • Auditors that would like to maximize their communication, teamwork and confrontation management skills
Learning Objectives
  • How to optimize confrontation
  • The importance of communication in the role of auditor
  • Effective presentation and writing skills

I. Introduction and Background
     a. The Art of Effective Communication
     b. Why is Communication Important?
     c. Why do We Communicate?
     d. The 7 C’s of Communication

II. General Communication Issues
     a. Personal vs. Professional
     b. Miscommunication
     c. Form of Communication
     d. Confrontation
          i. Fact Conflicts
          ii. Feelings & Perceptions
          iii. Personalities
          iv. Individual Values

III. Professionalism
     a. What is Professionalism?
     b. Self-Respect
     c. Time Management

IV. Workplace Personality Types

V. Written Communications
     a. Memos
     b. Email
     c. Smart Phone
     d. Instant Messaging
     e. Social Media

VI. In Person Communication
     a. The Lego Exercise
     b. Common Conversation Pitfalls
     c. Listening Optimized
     d. Telephone Etiquette
     e. With Subordinate
     f. Colleagues
     g. Upward Communication

VII. Group Presentation Skills
     a. Presentation Basics

VIII. Public Speaking 101
     a. Public Speaking Guidelines
     b. 11 Tips on How to Speak Publicly
     c. Other Helpful Habits
     d. 10 Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes
     e. Presentation Wrap-Up

IX. Summary and Wrap-Up