Optimized Audit Interviewing Workshop

Seminar Overview

Optimizing Interpersonal Communication Skills

Interviewing is a very important skill in the internal audit process. To effectively communicate and ease the concerns of the auditee is as important as an effective audit process. This two-day course will take attendees through the entire interview process, learning best practices for each step and how to manage different personality types. The workshop differentiates from the Interviewing course in that videos of all the course participants must be completed and submitted prior to class. Each video will be analyzed and critically reviewed prior to the class and used as a discussion point.

Who Should Attend
Financial, Operational, and Information Technology Auditors who would like to maximize the effectiveness of audit interviews.
  • Overview of best practices in audit interviewing, including personality types and interview preparation
  • Learn the step-by-step audit interview process and learn best practices for each step
  • Learn how to listen actively and read physical cues