IT-Governance – Who, What and Why

Seminar Overview

A Two-Day Course on the Basics of IT Governance

In todays economy, all auditors must become multi-faceted and multi-purposed. Regardless of background, internal auditors must have the basic knowledge of IT auditing to understand the general concepts, understand IT terminology and how IT auditing is integral to general auditing. There is no complete view/opinion of one without looking at the other. This one day course will take auditors through the basics of IT Auditing.

Course Objectives
• What is IT Governance?
• How do we really achieve IT – Business Alignment?
• How do we navigate, draw on and integrate the most useful aspects of all the currently
available governance frameworks?
• How do we identify and manage IT risk across the enterprise?
• How to utilize ISO/IEC 38500 and CobiT 5
• How to Develop IT Policies and & Procedures
• How does an IT Governance Framework help us optimize IT delivery, value and performance


Who Should Attend
Financial and Operational with any amount of experience that want to further understand IT Auditing.



I. What is Governance and IT Governance?
II. Why do we need IT Governance?
III. The Delivery of Value
IV. The Role of IT in Today’s Organizations
V. An introduction to ISO/IEC 38500 – The IT Governance Standard and its 6 Principles
VI. How do you assess your IT Governance Maturity?
VII. CobiT 5 – Introduction and Assessment
VIII. Standard IT Policy and Procedure Development
IX. Discussion of the role of the Board, and responsibilities of executive management
X. The IT Governance or Technology Committee
XI. The role of internal and external advisors
XII. Ensuring the flow of relevant information to the Board
XIII. Discussion on different ways of structuring IT
XIV. Examples of current business/IT alignment and governance models and standards and how they assist the Board in its role.