Internal Audit 101.5: Experienced Internal Audit Training

Seminar Overview

Do you find it difficult to find good training for your new auditors? Do you have a rotational program and constantly need basic audit training for new hires or transfers into the department? Audit 101 is the perfect course to send new auditors to learn the basics of auditing. This course is an overview of the auditing field, key terminology and basic beginner steps on how to audit.

New auditors should not start their new jobs without taking this course!


Who Should Attend?

Financial, Operational, and Information Technology Auditors with less than four years of audit experience and are preparing for career advancement


  • Overview and basics of the internal auditing process
  • Learn how to effective manage and audit engagement
  • Learn the most effective situational communication techniques
I. Engagement Planning and Risk Assessment Process (2 Hours)
     a. Preliminary Work
          i. Walkthroughs, etc.
          ii. Preliminary Risk Assessment (Risk Identification, Control Design, Residual Risk)
          iii. Development of Audit Workprogram
          iv. Writing an Audit Workprogram
II. Fieldwork (2 Hours)
     a. Conducting Fieldwork
     b. Documenting Results and Observations
     c. Control Best Practices
          i. COSO Overview/Updated COSO Framework
          ii. Controls Overview
     d. Fraud Overview and Fraud Red Flags
          i. Overview of Fraud
          ii. Fraud Red Flags
III. Internal Audit Wrap-Up (1 Hour)
     a. Audit Reporting
     b. Effective Exit Conferences
     c. Audit Follow-Up Basics
IV. Crucial Communication/The Role of Internal Audit (2.0 Hours)
     a. Conflict Management
     b. Negotiation
     c. Interviewing Leading Practices
V. Managing an Audit Engagement (1 Hour)
     a. Project Management Leading Practices
     b. Time Management
     c. Crisis Management