Assessing Corporate Governance & Culture

Seminar Overview

Corporate governance and culture are cornerstones to a strong internal control environment but auditing them requires a firm understanding of the principles and practices that underpin entities with strong governance. What happens when you have the makings of a solid foundation such as policies, procedures, monitoring processes and people in the key roles for all three lines of defense, but politics, culture, product “speed to market”, and/or fraud undermines the control structure? This course is a hands-on case study that discusses a fictional company with a known culture issue. None of the traditional methods for finding control weaknesses have identified any areas of concern, yet everyone knows there is a problem. This course will explore practical application of governance practices and identify steps the auditors could take to find the risk exposure.


Who Should Attend

Auditors who would like to learn more about auditing organizational governance, including culture, three lines of defense, and Board oversight. (NASBA Field of Study: Auditing).


  • Discuss the foundations of organizational governance
  • Discuss what to do when you know there is a problem but have not found it using the traditional audit approach
  • Apply auditing techniques to the three lines of defense model
  • Apply emerging risk principles and practices