Assessing Corporate Culture

Seminar Overview

The IIA has recently highlighted assessing/auditing corporate culture as a key area that should be addressed in 2016 and future years. The long list of recent corporate scandals reinforces the need for executives to keep an eye on organizational culture. At its finest, culture helps an organization retain great employees and motivates them to do their best and most productive work. This webinar will take attendees through assessing corporate culture and the pitfalls in assessing a subjective area.

Who Should Attend

Professionals focused on enhancing their abilities by understanding what corporate culture is and how to appropriately assess it in any organization (NASBA Field of Study: Auditing).


Workshop Objectives
  • Learn and understand what corporate culture really is
  • Understand the challenges in assessing a subjective area and how to address this subjectivity
  • Discover how corporate culture can significantly impact many areas in an organization