Alphabet Soup: GRC, ERA, ARA, ITRA and IA – How to Connect the Dots*

Seminar Overview

The burgeoning field of Enterprise Risk Assessment continues to integrate with other risk assessment concepts, in addition to the concept of Governance, Risk and Compliance.


Who Should Attend

Auditors that would like to further understand the scope of the GRC spectrum and how the Enterprise Risk Assessment can be a significant asset to internal audit (NASBA Field of Study: Auditing).


Workshop Objectives
  • Basic definitions of what GRC is and how it fits into the numerous risk assessment processes in an organization
  • Integration of each risk assessments into one process
  • Learn the importance of the ERA and audit’s role in the process

I. Governance, Risk and Compliance
     a. What is Governance?
     b. What is Risk?
     c. What is Compliance?
     d. Internal Audit’s Role
     e. Can an Integrated Model Work?

II. Enterprise Risk Assessment
     a, Definition
     b. Process
     c. Varying methodologies
     d. Internal Audit’s Role

III. Audit Risk Assessment
     a. Definition
     b. Process
     c. Frequency

IV. IT Risk Assessment
     a. Definition
     b. Process
     c. Frequency

V. Assessing Risk – What are the Differences?