Audit Transparency in Action

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Professional trainers have many opportunities to speak to companies and organizations about leading practices in the internal/IT audit industries. Trainers have the luxury of opining on internal matters while remaining outsiders, which enables them to stay removed from inter-company politics and corporate culture.

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Where in the World is Due Process (And What’s Up with the Lack of Concrete Evidence)?

I continue to notice a trend in our society and I have no doubt it will continue to get worse. Additionally, even when due process is followed, it seems to be flawed and/or biased and the results appear tainted and not on solid footing.

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A Good Night’s Sleep (Link to HFTP BLOG)

A wonderful article on my presentation at the HFTP Annual Convention by Jessica Vint

Email: How, What and When

Email is a fickle communication tool. What can be an effective and efficient way of messaging can, in many ways, turn out to be the exact opposite. Many struggle with email and this has been a vocal point of many of my courses. Everyone has different approaches to managing email but here is what I have seen in practice work best:

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The Power of the Pause

Attention to detail and connecting with whom your speaking with is key to any conversation. One very effective method of soliciting more information from the other party is the Power of the Pause. Pausing can be used not only to solicit additional information but also to capture the importance of the previous statement. Let’s tackle solicitation of additional information first.

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The Power of Continuous Communication

As I continue to improve and hone my own communication skills, I have noticed a trend that the first sign of a lack of communication can be a sign of trouble, mainly in youth sports.

We noticed issues with my son’s soccer and basketball coaches almost immediately. Please don’t think this commentary is drive by my son’s lack of playing time;

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The One Word Email

One of my favorite subjects in my People-Centric skills course is discussing email responses. Communication should be clear and complete but also concise. There is a fine balance between concision and completeness. The perfect example is a simple response to a request.

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Transparency in Relationships

One of my favorite courses I have developed is the Auditor In-Charge (AIC) course. It is such a pivotal role inside the internal audit department and it is the real growth point in an auditor’s career: can they step into the key project manager role and excel and continue to move up or do they begin to stagnate? I have found a few suggestions I make in class unique and not done enough by AIC’s. They all deal with transparency.

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Four Ways to Improve Your Business Communication Skills

You need your business to run as smoothly as possible. To do this, you might stress that your employees focus on skillsets like time management and leadership. While these are important skills, you shouldn’t overlook one of the most important skills for a successful business: interpersonal communication.

Why is good communication so important in the workplace? First, think about the devastating effects of miscommunication. At home, it can lead to hurt feelings and damaged relationships. At work, it can decrease productivity, cause arguments, and contribute to a tense work environment.

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VERY Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to monitor one’s own and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior. It is being able to understand your emotions and the emotions and actions of those around you. It is a wonderful topic for emerging leaders and the internal audit industry is currently catching the EI wave. I have been giving a course on EI for three years and I find it a very interesting and helpful subject and something I am constantly trying to hone personally. This weekend was a perfect example.

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