2020 Virtual Seminar Offerings

Due to the unprecedented circumstances that all of us are now experiencing, we are offering webinars of our most popular/new courses (seven hours NASBA-certified CPE per course unless otherwise noted).  Please click on the course title for full course description and outline:

Project Management for Internal Auditors (June 9 & 11), 830 to Noon CST

IT Auditing for Non-IT Auditors (June 17 & 19), 830 to Noon CST

Audit 301: Audit Manager Bootcamp (July 20, 21, 23, 24), 830 to Noon CST (14 CPE Hours)

Fraud Auditing for Internal Auditors (July 27 & 29), 830 to Noon CST 

People-Centric Skills 2.0 (July 28 & 30), 830 to Noon CST (All Attendees to this Class will received a complimentary copy of Mr. Goldberg’s new book with the same title)

Audit Report Writing (August 27 & 28), 830-Noon CST

Please Note: our goal is to have at least 10 attendees per course.  If we do not have 10, this could be subject to cancellation or change.  Cost below is per attendee.

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Course Offerings

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