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GoldSRD Overview

GoldSRD is the Gold Standard for providing clients with quality Staffing, Recruiting and Development services.  What is the GoldSRD difference?

Staffing:  GoldSRD has a wide network that we tap into for temporary staffing roles.  We look for fits based on experience and cultural fit in addition to candidates that are committed to following the assignment all the way through to completion. 

Recruiting: Instead of the mass email and database approach to locating quality candidates, GoldSRD establishes personal contact with each candidate through face-to-face meetings, personality tests and deep dives into their experience. 

We try to personalize each client and candidate experience and, through our vast experience in soft skills training, are able to locate the best candidate for your permanent placement. Hiring the wrong person is costly; let us help you find the right fit!


Professional Development: Professional Development is the foundation of GoldSRD. Our course catalog contains over 285 full-day courses on Audit, IT Audit, Accounting, Finance, Personal Development and People-Centric Skills in addition to offering review courses for the Certified Internal Auditor and Certification in Risk Management Assurance (both certifications available through the Institute of Internal Auditors). 

What is the GoldSRD difference?

  • Professional Instructors that will engage attendees in any environment (NASBA-certified to deliver training in live and virtual environments)
  • Customized training to your specific needs (Customize the agenda and the course content)
  • Value-priced

Our Course Offerings

Encompass the knowledge required to prepare, maintain, or report the financial records of an entity; the analysis, verification and reporting of such records; and the principles and procedures of accounting and financial reporting.
Encompass the knowledge required to perform a systematic and independent examination of data, statements, records, operations, and performances (financial or otherwise) of an entity for a stated purpose.
Behavioral ethics
– Courses examine the study of why people make the ethical and unethical decisions that they do. Topics include ethical decision-making, ethics in business and diversity, equity and inclusion in addition to unconscious bias.
Information technology
Encompass technical topics that relate to information technology. Topics include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Management Information Systems and Robotics/Process Automation.
Computer software operations
Encompass computer software and applications used by professionals in performing services. Courses in this field of study focus on the use and study of the software itself. This includes “how to” courses on Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, among others.
People-Centric Skills : Business Management & Organization
Encompasses topics consisting of the management of an organization, including organizational structures, management planning, and administrative practices.
People-Centric Skills: Communication
Constitutes areas for becoming an optimized communicator. Topics include presentation skills, business writing, interviewing social media and public relations.
People-Centric Skills: Personal Development
Courses include topics that continue to advance an individual’s skillset. These include Leadership, Time Management and Career Planning.
Personnel/Human Resources
Courses include all topics related to managing employees/personnel and human resources. Example topics include attracting, motivating, developing and retaining talent, efficient and effective human resource management.
Specialized Knowledge
Encompasses topics that are particular to specialized industries or services, such as not-for-profit organizations, health care, gaming, and oil and gas.
Management Services
Incorporates business processes of an entity, achieving efficiencies, improving cash flow and maintaining profitability, all the while actively managing risks to meet business objectives.

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